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Memphis Wildlife Control Services

We Provide a Full Range of Tennessee Wildlife Removal Services

What problems do wildlife cause?

Most of the calls we get are because homeowners hear animals scurrying around inside the attic or walls. Most of the damage inside a houes or attic is unseen. Rodents like squirrels, mice, and rats often chew on electrical wires. Wildlife such as raccoons, bats, birds, opossums, and rats spread several diseases that humans can and do catch, such as Histoplasmosis, Salmonella, Leptospirosis and more. Many critters leave droppings and urine in an attic or cause mold or odor problems. We also handle animals outside the house. It could be a critter that has dug a large hole next to your house, or a raccoon in your garbage cans, an opossum that is stealing pet food, or a skunk living under your deck, causing an odor problem. Some animals destroy your garden or landscaping. Or perhaps you are simply scared of snakes. Whatever the problem is, our wildlife experts can remove the source of the problem, and prevent it from happening again. We are not a Memphis extermination company, nor pest control. We are dedicated Memphis wildlife control experts.

Memphis Raccoon Removal - Raccoons commonly live in the attic, where they cause damage. They can also cause many problems outside.

Memphis Rat Extermination - We solve rat and mouse problems PERMANENTLY, by finding and sealing shut any and all rat entry holes.

Memphis Bat Control - We have a 100% success rate safely removing Tennessee bats from buildings, and we guarantee our work.

Memphis Squirrel and Rodent Removal - For any critter, such as squirrels in the attic, we remove them, repair damage, & clean.

Why is our company the best?

We believe we are Memphis's best. We do a complete job, from start to finish. We remove wildlife humanely and effectively. When we encounter animals inside a house, we inspect every part of the house, from ground to roof, to identify all the areas of entry, and we perform professional repairs, with guarantee. We inspect inside the attic to find any damage, and provide full cleaning services. We offer attic restoration, permanent rodent control, bat colony exclusion, bird prevention, snake removal, dead animal removal and odor control, and more. We are fully Tennessee licensed and insured, and ready to solve your Memphis critter problem. Call us any time for a phone consulation and price quote, at 901-254-7510.

Memphis wildlife removal - article of the month

How To Get Rats Out Of Your Garage
Rats are a massive problem, and they will often find their way into people’s garages because this is where people will often store pet food and food for other domestic animals. Because many of these foodstuffs are bought in thick plastic bags rather than containers, this means that rats can easily bite through the bag into the plentiful food source within. For many people, they will not notice that they have a problem until they open the feed bag one day to find a rat inside feasting on the food.

Practical First Steps After Finding Rats In Your Garage
Most people will have a number of different food sources for rats in their garages, which is why it is a common place to find these pests. The first step should be to transfer any such food sources into a more secure container that cannot be accessed by the rats. Those who keep large bags of dog or cat food and even sacks of chicken food should consider transferring it to a large plastic bin with a sealable lid, so that the rats cannot get access to the food. This will also make the rats hungrier, meaning they are more likely to take the bait on the rat traps. Food can also lure in other animals, such as pigeons, and we provide Memphis bird control services in addition to rodent control.

When it comes to laying rat traps the majority of professionals and domestic users will find that the traditional snap traps are very effective, and aren’t a real danger to other domestic pets. However, it is best to keep any cats and dogs that you have out of the garage while you are dealing with the rat infestation, as they may smell the rat carcasses in the traps before you notice them. Attention to detail is very important in Memphis animal trapping, and that includes raccoon removal, and skunk trapping as well as rodents such as mice.

Locating Rat Traps Within A Garage
There are a number of likely spots within a garage where you can locate a rat trap, and many of the best places will be those around where the food sources they used to be. Rats are creatures of habit, and much like any other animal that finds an abundant food source it will return to that place repeatedly. It is also worth looking around the walls of the garage to see if you can find any small holes where the rats might be getting in. If there are areas where there is a lot of rat droppings or other signs of rat activity, then place the traps in this area too. Don't forget, rats can lure in snakes. We also excell at Memphis snake removal services.

Bait For A Rat Trap
Rats are natural scavengers so will be actively looking for morsels of food on the floor that they can eat, so baiting a rat trap is not that difficult to do. There are a number of different foods that people can use, with potato, peanut butter and meat all being popular, but a Snickers candy bar is often most successful because it is almost irresistible to the rat.

Disposing Of The Carcasses And Keeping Rats Out Of Your Garage In The Future
Once you have started finding rats in your traps, then you will have to start dealing with the carcasses. Some people prefer to double bag the carcass in a thick bin liner, and then to throw it in the trash, but others will prefer to bury the carcass. The problem with burial is that domestic pets or other animals that feed on carrion may smell the carcass if it’s buried. After a while your traps will stop catching the rats, and this is usually a sign that the rats have found somewhere less hazardous to live. It is still worth keeping any food sources in sealed canisters or barrels so that the rats can’t get to them, and you may also want to check around the perimeter of the garage to see if there are any obvious access points that need to be sealed. This is the most important part of our Memphis rodent extermination process.

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There are various state professionals who have got specific expertise in the wildlife removal and can also understand different patterns of behavior of Tennessee wildlife found in the near premises of your house. Although they may not be able to help you to a great extent, yet the information provided by them can be handy in dealing with issues related to wildlife encounter. Some of these departments are playing very important and unique roles in helping people and wild animals as well.

Here in SW Tennessee, we regularly deal with rats in people's homes and in commercial buildings. The same goes for squirrels in attics. We provide animal trapping for raccoons, skunks, and opossums, and even armadillos. We pride ourselves on our safe removal of bats without harming any of these valuable creatures. We also provide snake removal services in Memphis, and in the Mississippi delta we deal with venomous species such as the cottonmouth. We provide bird control services, as well as removal of lawn pests such as moles and voles. We are dedicated to excellent customer service, and are available 24 hours 7 days to handle your Memphis animal problem. We are not just trappers, but we also do building repairs and attic cleanup. From tiny mice to huge beavers, we can handle it all! We service the greater Memphis metro area, including all of Shelby County TN, and the towns of Bartlett, Collierville, Germantown, Covington, Lakeland, Millington, Arlington, and more. In Arkansas, we service Mississippi County, Craighead County, and Greene County, and of course the towns of West Memphis AR, and Forrest City. We service DeSoto County Mississippi and the towns of Hernando, Horn Lake, Olive Branch, Southaven MS, Holly Springs, Corinth, and Senatobia. We are ready to solve your Memphis wildlife removal issue!

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