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  • Memphis Educational Article of the Month - How to Kill a Groundhog

How to Kill a Groundhog

Are you facing serious problem caused by Tennessee groundhog in your home or property? Then you are not to worry as there are many ways to kill a groundhog. While killing wild animals normally seems to solve the problem the truth is that it is not always the best option to keep animal away. You get them away through prevention method like home repairs, fencing and others and save yourself the stress.

Kill a Memphis Groundhog With Lethal Trap
Lethal trapping is one of the surest ways to kill a groundhog but it is absolute inhumane. The trap will make a groundhog to struggle and suffer so much before death. You can find several lethal traps in the market and one of the popular one is the body griping lethal trap. Just make sure that you bait your lethal trap with some of the foods Tennessee groundhogs normally steal out of your garden and you will be able to kill it with the trap.

Kill a Groundhog with Poison
Poison is another inhuman way of wild Tennessee animal killing and removal. The problem is that poison wild animal normally results to more problem as the poisoned animal like groundhog may move away to another place after eating the poison and die. That can cause serious pollution to people around the place. Another thing is that poisoning wild animals is not legal in most part of the world. These are the things you need to consider before going ahead to kill a Memphis groundhog through poison.

Kill a Groundhog through Shooting
Another way to kill a Memphis groundhog is through shooting. The big body size of this animal made it easier to target with a gun than other smaller wild animals like squirrels. But, you must still be skilled in handling firearm to ensure you get it with one shot. Also, you have to target it to the head to ensure the Tennessee animal does not suffer or struggle much before death.

The Recommended Way to Kill a Groundhog
There is no need of putting yourself into the stress involved in killing a Tennessee groundhog. What you have to do is just to use some preventive measures like putting up a fence round your property and the animal will go away. More so, removing attractants around your home can help you discourage groundhog from coming around in the first place. You can equally use live trapping to catch Memphis groundhogs and relocate so as to solve your infestation problem.

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