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  • Memphis Educational Article of the Month - Getting Rid of Tennessee Bats

Getting Rid of Tennessee Bats

Bats are the creatures of night meaning to get rid of them one has to work at odd time most probably at night to get the job done. They leave their residing areas at night to hunt for food. Bats are capable of passing through very small gaps so looking for all the gaps in itself is a big problem. Before starting the process of eliminating the bats one needs to do a night watch. The person will be surprise to see the areas from where the bats are emerging. Thus if one check for their location at day time they will not be able to identify all of them. Furthermore where one has seen the dropping of bats or stains that might not the be same location they are using for going out or coming in the house again. Moreover, at night one can easily pin point the area due to better visibility of the structure because at day time due to sunlight there are shadows at different places on the building so it hinders ones visibility while looking for the gaps.

Bats fly all night looking for their food around the neighborhood. Since they live in group which gives them the feeling of security and double very quickly. Thus one might end up facing thousands of this species in their house. Due to their being active during the night one can hear them easily. Moreover, wooden areas is damage due to their urine or dropping on them. They tend to cause some serve disease in humans to, one should make sure that they get rid of them in time. In order to do so one should do the following:

  • 1. Eliminate the food supply
  • 2. Close the entry gaps
  • 3. Repellents
Eliminate the food supply:
Best technique to get rid of them is closing down their supply of food. The problems with this technique would be that one need to check first which type of bat spices is residing in the house as their likes for food changes with their type. For instance some might opt for nectar whereas others would get attracted to insects or even blood. So if one has a lot of trees of fruit in their garden make sure they clean the fallen fruit on daily basis and there should be no garbage lying in the open one should dispose it in air tight containers.

Close entry gaps:
This is the most important part of our Memphis bat removal process. Bats end up residing in areas which are close and dark because they can only relax in such areas and believe that they are safe from their enemy. Such areas in the house could be the attic or the storage of different things or chimneys plus barns etc. are places which they would like to reside in. Moreover, such places are their dining place, and hibernating places in the season of winter. So when one has checked all the places for entry start sealing them properly so that the bats cannot come back again into the house in order to reside there. Forcing the bats out of the house in one of the best options but before one pulls this stunt make sure that there are no babies residing there because if babies are left behind they will die there eventually and cause bad odor in the residing place and house. Furthermore such act is not humane at all.

In order to look for all the entry points one should observe the bats for at least a week. So that when they use those points one is sure where so seal the gap. Make sure when you are observing the Tennessee bats the timing should be of evening so you don’t miss even a single point.

Once you have gained complete list of the entry points and the exit, start putting one way devices on all the exit and entry point thus once they move out they will not be able to come back inside the residing place and would be forced to look for a new one to reside in. One can also set a bat house near by for the bats. This bat house can work as a trap for them. Once they end up there they will leave your house alone and you have time to close all the entry points. After doing this take trapped bats to a faraway area, and release them there so that one is not killing the wildlife yet getting rid of them.

Repellents don’t work on bats instead they cause severe health issues for the people residing in that house. Since repellents are toxic they end up being one of the causes for cancer in people. Some repellents such as garlic or bright light don’t work well with bats so trapping and releasing them in distant areas is the best option.

To learn more about our Memphis bat removal services, visit the Memphis wildlife control home page.

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