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Pigeon Prevention Tips

Pigeon Prevention Tips: How to Keep Pigeons Away (A discussion of fences, home repairs to keep animals out of buildings, natural remedies, etc.)

Pigeons, just like traffic are one of the annoying parts of city living. Their droppings are highly acidic and can damage automobiles, roofs, fences and cable wires. These white dropping are also very unattractive in public places like parks and monuments. Although there are places where feeding pigeons are among tourist attractions, they are also equally disadvantageous -- of these animals, especially their acidic droppings, plus their ability to carry several diseases.

Pigeons as agents of diseases
Pigeons wander from different places. They pick fruits, seeds from decaying fruits and vegetables. Some of them feed from garbage cans, which you don’t want to know the contents. This is the reason why these birds are potential agents of several diseases. Among the types of illnesses that can cause include cryptococcosis, salmonella, histoplasmosis, psittacosis, St. Louis Encephalitis and salmonella. They also carry and harbor insects in their bodies such as bird bites and bugs that can also be agents of different diseases.

Pigeons to contaminate goods
Among of the best places where pigeons often visit are the building roofs of warehouses because they are usually undisturbed. However, pigeons tend to camp on these places and get comfortable excreting their droppings on anything below. This creates a huge problem to warehouse owners as white droppings contaminate and damage the goods stored in the warehouse. As a result, clients and retailers won’t accept these contaminated goods, thus affecting their sales in the end.

Pigeon Prevention
This is key to our Memphis pigeon removal process. Pigeons are not under the protection of federal law in many states and countries. However, it is still recommended that you check on the state or local guidelines first before installing pigeon prevention devices. The following articles aim to narrow down the pigeon prevention solutions without having them killed in your backyard. Although getting rid of all the pigeons that visit in your area may seem impossible, there are still ways to manage their effects in your household or building.

The first step in preventing pigeons is to inspect the area for pigeon’s nest and remove them right away. Pigeons lay eggs every two weeks that is why they reproduce very quickly.

Installing wire mesh and wire. Installing wire mesh and screen on windows, doors and other possible building openings is one of the best ways to keep pigeons from your house. However, make sure that the wire mesh or screens are rust-proof for durability and long life. Screen all soffit vents and other potential entry points with rust-proof wire mesh. Some households install bird nets and seal all possible openings that pigeons may roosts. Call us for Memphis bird control services.

Installing sheet metal on flat roofs. Another way to keep pigeons from the ledges and other flat surfaces of the house is by installing slanted metal sheets board that does not create roosts where pigeons can nest. Also, avoid installing surfaces with roost where pigeons can build nests.

Scaring the pigeons away. This may not be the best way to keep pigeons away from your yard and house but you can give it a try. Setting up scarecrows in human or pigeon forms may scare the pigeons away. You can also create some decorative ‘scaring-the-pigeons-project’ such as kites with shape of a hawk or huge sparrows with bright color highlights. Make sure that these scarecrows are lightweight and easily blown by wind to scare off the birds.

When you set scarecrows, make sure that they are installed in different spots in your yard because Memphis pigeons might get accustomed to them when they see them in similar place.

Other ways to scare pigeons
Among other ways to scare pigeons are loud and ultrasonic noises. However, loud noises won’t work to city pigeons because they are used to urban noises like traffic noises. There are also ultrasonic noises that can annoy pigeons. However, it may also irritate your neighbors and other house pets such as cats and dogs.

Spraying pigeons with water. You can also spray water hose to scare away birds like pigeons, especially when they are starting to build a regular roosting spot. Once they have built a roost, it will be harder for you to scare them away.

Installing Pigeon traps. If all the aforementioned methods failed to work in scaring and keeping away pigeons, you can opt to installing a trap. There are commercial traps available in the market. When setting a trap, make sure that you install them before pigeons come in the area. Check on the trap at on a daily basis. However, not all measures work effectively in all areas. Sometimes it takes a combination of several measures to make it effective. When all these measures fail to work, it is now time to call a pest control services to address your pest problem.

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